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Kan inte uppdatera till nya versionen/new version (English)

I can't download the latest update-Ihave tried 3 times...3 times it uploads and then it asks me to upload again..?


  • Hello Wiley!

    Are you trying to make the upgrade from inside the program? I would suggest that you try to do the upgrade from our website www.blinfo.se and "Mina sidor"
    When you have logged in to "Mina sidor" please choose "Mina program" There you should be able to download BL Administration and run the installation.
    Sometimes, we have encountered that our program needs to be installed with administrator rights and I assume this might be the issue in this case.
    So if the installation still doesn´t work, try to right-click on the installation file after the download and choose: Install as an administrator.

    I hope this was helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if problem remains!

    Best Regards!

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