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editing faktura

I need to make a small change to an invoice that I have emailed . The customer has not received the invoice as I have to send them to myself before re-emailing to the cutomer (btw, it does not look professional for me to send an invoice to my customers with Digital Foretaget written all over the email as it looks like an invoice has been sent from yourselves, can DF link to my email account and send through there ?). I noticed a very small mistake before resending the invoice, but can't see how i can edit it on DF now that it's been emailed (to me only). Is there a simple way to do this without writing a credit invoice and then having to re-write the whole invoice ?


  • Hi!

    Unfortunately there is no way to alterate the invoice after it has been emailed from the app.
    This due to the fact that ist not allowed to have a invoice from the same company with the same id that dont match (even if it's only by a letter)
    So to prevent this from happening you must make a credit and then recreate the invoice.
    Regarding the mail layout and the branding we are aware that it might be confusing to some customers and it's something that we might want to change further down the road.
    But as for now we wont be making any changes to it in the near future.
    Mattias Support
  • Hej Mattias,
    Thankyou for your reply. Is there any way that I can save a hard copy on my PC without doing all the emailing to myself , saving a hard copy from the email, etc.
    Also, the email that would go to my customer direct from DF really is blatent advertising of Digital Företaget to my customer with your telephone number, email address and website address. It can even look like if they have a problem with my invoice that they should contact you (feedback from my customers, which is why i dont send them direct any more). One customer even thought it was a virius and didn't dare click on the view invoice button. That invoice was therefore paid late after I spent time chasing it up. I'm very sure that there can't be many companies that want to advertise another company on correspondance to their customers. Please can you forward this feedback to your dev team
  • Yes, I forward this to our dev team.

    Have a nice day!


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